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President’s Message

Welcome to the International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute.  Our Vision to connect and advocate for Black women globally through acts of kindness and public policy is simple, yet bold and compelling.

Our Mission to work in the U.S. and internationally to convene hearings and discussions to evaluate the impact of current public policies and to initiate new policies that address major threats to the well-being of Black women and families, we trust would inspire you to join our efforts.

Over the past six years, a plethora of research, data, indicators and direct engagement guided and informed our focus on the issues of Education, Women’s Economic Empowerment and the Health and Well Being of Black women and girls nationally.  More specifically, our efforts in each of these areas have been culturally rooted and solution focused. To that end we have convened an annual policy forum in our nation’s capital yearly, on the issues of HIV/AIDS, Education, Cancer and the disparities in early detection screening, early diagnosis and comprehensive follow up treatment, which results in a higher mortality rate for Black women.  We’ve also convened dialogue among leaders and policy makers on the continual barriers and biases that prevent Black women from earning equal pay for the same jobs.

But in the past four years, the issue that has propelled IBWPPI into a most important national and international dialogue has been our efforts to heighten awareness of the domestic crises of human trafficking of Black girls.  IBWPPI has worked hard to bring awareness of this issue calling for it to be a national priority and a part of the national debate on violence against women in general.

As a convening and advocacy organization for Black women in the United States and the diaspora, IBWPPI has made significant progress in the following areas: amplifying the voices of Black women leaders and the constituencies they represent; establishing the priority issues of Black women; and most importantly, identifying unique and individual solutions from within the Black community.

We invite you to join us. Any effort on your part is significant and important to us and we Thank You!

Barbara A. Perkins
President & Co-Founder